Celebrating the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Homegrown Scholars Part II

February 27, 2018

Those teachers who are students of their own impact are the teachers who are most influential in raising students’ achievement. ~ John Hattie

We are pleased to host our 2017-18 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Homegrown Showcase on Wednesday, March 7 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. in the Berchild Lounge (Swenson Hall 2ndfloor landing).  Our scholars will share their projects with the campus community.  ALL are invited – students and staff alike. Light refreshments will be served.

Last week, I shared information about the scholars and their projects (For more information on each of the projects, please visit our blog at https://uwscetl.wordpress.com/2018/02/20/celebrating-our-scholarship-of-teaching-and-learning-homegrown-scholars/).

This week, I’d like to share reflections by our two wonderful co-facilitators, Hillary Fezzey and Sakib Mahmud.

From Hilary:  This has been an exciting year for UWS’s SoTL Homegrown Program.  We have expanded our program to include participants from a variety of co-curricular units on campus.  Over the course of the summer, fall, and early spring, I have had the pleasure of seeing our current SoTL scholars refine their research to get at the central learning outcomes that their projects aim to improve.  This year’s scholars are investigating a variety of types of SoTL, including what is, what works, and theory building.  Many participants have found that they have already been evaluating their student learning outcomes using some aspects of SoTL.  The SoTL Homegrown Program allows them to receive formal training, funding and recognition for doing SoTL.  It is particularly helpful for our educators who may not have time to do research, as SoTL allows them to do research that incorporates assessment of student work that they may be doing already that is directly applicable to their work with students.

From Sakib: Being one of the facilitators, I found UWS’s SoTL Homegrown Program to have significant influence on SoTL scholars in developing, refining, and implementing their projects to meet their students’ learning goals and outcomes. It is fascinating to have participants coming from different disciplines, programs, and the co-curricular units from our campus. What I really liked about the SoTL Homegrown Program is the way the participants communicated and helped each other to improve and finalize their projects by identifying SoTL types that best represent their research interests associated with teaching and learning.

We are pleased to announce the application for our 2018-19 scholars (see attached)! The deadline for applications is April 16, 2018 submitted to cetl@uwsuper.edu. Hilary and Sakib will once again guide the scholars. They can be reached for questions at hfezzey@uwsuper.edu and smahmud@uwsuper.edu.


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